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Advanced Filters

Unique filters to narrow down your search results.

With LM's new advanced filters you can filter by -

Filter results by the type of disposal of the case.

LM's unique AI algorithm segments a judgment into the issues discussed, arguments of the parties, facts, opinions etc. DeepMatch helps you to search your query in any of the mentioned segments of the judgment.

Filter your results by Practice Area.

You have access to filters such as Date Range, Jurisdiction, Judge Name to narrow down search results.

Database Coverage

A comprehensive collection of bare acts/statutes (both central and state), bills and case laws from privy council, courts, tribunals and commissions.

Supreme Court

1950 - Current

All High Courts

Inception of each court - Current

District Courts

Extensive list and counting

Tribunals & Commisions

Extensive list and counting

LM-Search FAQs

LM-Search is a lot smarter than the antiqued keyword based search engines. It uses a unique natural language engine, developed with the help of legal experts. It understands the context of the search query and fetches the most relevant results.
You can use search in search, boolean or pull up a case either by case name or party name.