Get access to millions of judgments, notification, gazettes, circular, reports. Power you legal and policy research with a powerful AI contextual search.

Power your Legal Research with game changing Features

A.I. Powered
Context Search

A state-of-the-art context-based search engine that seeks to improve search accuracy by understanding searcher’s intent and the contextual meaning of terms as they appear in the searchable dataspace.

A.I. Powered

Get the most relevant contents out of a judgment. Use Lextracts to quickly get a context of a judgment.

A.I Powered
Litigation Analytics

Get a competitive edge by using analytics to uncover trends and patterns across millions of judgments. Predict the behaviour of the court, judges, lawyers and parties with the help of visualisations and data analytics techniques and build strategies by taking data-driven decisions to have an edge over your opposite counsel at the court proceedings.

Turn yourself into a Data Analyst with LegalMind Analytics

What more, you ask?

Party Analytics

Case Timeline of a party
Practice area-wise analysis
Frequent representation by which lawyers
Identify trends on settlements

Judge Analytics

Analyse which judges are being cited most by a Judge
Analyse the precedent value and most cited cases by a Judge
Get all the recent and most cited opinions of Judges