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LegalMind AI Summarizer analyzes all the legal terms and takes the burden of going through tons of pages of the unstructured legal text, off your shoulders.

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Login/SignUp to the LegalMind Summarizer.
Choose or Drag and Drop any lengthy legal document(*.pdf) into the Summarizer card.
Click the Upload button to upload your document as an input to our NLP-summarizer engine.

After the document is successfully uploaded, it is processed to produce a simple yet relevant summary, including all the important events from your file.

The NLP-summarizer is trained to understand the legal jargon and extract relevant information which helps it compose a meaningful summary and hence, improves efficiency.


Attorneys, judges, lawyers and others in the justice system are constantly surrounded by large amounts of the legal text, which can be difficult to manage across many cases. To this day, they face the problem of organizing briefs, judgements and acts. LegalMind aims to build a medium where the synergy between law and technology will finally aid the litigators, solicitor or paralegals to smoothen their work system, improve efficiency and nimble their research.

Legal File System
Cloud based service to help you manage all your cases easily and effectively.
LegalMind Legal File System
Judgement Analyser
Generate headnotes, arguments, reasoning, cited laws, cited judgements using AI-based judgement analysis tools.
LegalMind Judgement Analyser
Legal Search
Search for legal documents, acts(both Central and State-wise) and Tribunals with advanced filters to get the most accurate results.
LegalMind AI Legal Search
Brief Analyser
Upload a brief to extract important information and find similar judgements to help you save time looking out.
LegalMind Brief Analyser


When Team LegalMind approached and asked me to try out the AI Summarizer, I tried using some of my recent judgements to test it out and I was amazed at how accurate the results were and how easy it was to use.

Mr. Ravi Shankar
Advocate, B.A., L.L.B.
M.R.Ramanan & Associates

LegalMind is a tool that can help save a lot of time. It uses technology to it's best and is very easy to use. The tool also summarises the judgment into various parts which can also aid in understanding judgment. It is an interesting development in the legaltech industry.

Aditya Gor

Great product. I so wish we had something of this sort while I was litigating. Could have saved me countless hours spent on lengthy decisions.

Mohit Yadav
Co-Founder & Director
Veratech Intelligence Pvt. Ltd.

Increasing productivity at work by implementing AI in legal sector.
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